1 kg Pork Belly (skin on)
3 tsp Salt mixed with herbs of your choice
1 tsp Olive Oil
30 cm Aluminium foil
50 ml Soy Sauce
1 small Onion (diced)
1 clove Garlic peeled & bruised
3 dried Chinese mushrooms
2 litres Water
1 Jug for transferring liquid
1 bunch Choy sum or Bok Choy (washed)






1.  Score the fat of the pork belly in straight lines, rub both sides of meat with salt mixture
2.  Add 1 litre water into TM bowl add basket with the mushrooms, garlic and onion
3.  Baste Varoma tray with oil. Attach Varoma and place pork belly skin side up onto top shelf 60 min Varoma 4 Steam
4.  After 1 hour replace with fresh 1 litre of water, replace steamer with ingredients still in it 60 min Varoma 4 Steam
5.  Tip leftover liquid and mushrooms into a jug for later
6.  Place pork belly onto foil, wrap and place in fridge overnight with liquid or go to step 7
7.  Remove from fridge when required, turn grill onto high, place pork skin side up under grill 15-30 min Grill Until crispy
8.  Remove pork and allow to rest, place Bok Choy & mushrooms into steamer basket 10 min Cool
9.  While pork is resting, Add leftover liquid to TM bowl, insert steamer basket 12 min Varoma 4 Steam
10.  Slice pork into strips or squares
11.  Place mushrooms and greens onto serving platter pour over liquid place pork on top