Asian Style Chicken and Mushroom Soup



1 Clove Garlic
1 Spring onion – roughly chopped
250 Grams Chicken breast – thinly sliced
30 Grams Olive oil
300 Grams Button or pre-soaked Shitake mushrooms
1200 Grams Chicken stock
1 Bunch Choy sum – chopped
250 Grams Fresh thin cooked egg noodles
150 Grams Enoki mushrooms – trimmed
30 Grams Olive o






Place garlic and spring onions into the TM bowl.
10 sec 6 Chop
Remove lid, scrape down sides of bowl. Add 10grams Olive oil. 2 min 100 1 Saute’
Remove lid. Add 20grams Olive oil and 300 grams mushrooms. 4 min 90 Reverse 1 Cook until tender
Pour in 1200 grams stock and choy sum stalks only, reserve the leaves. 12 min 100 Reverse 1 Bring to the boil
Reduce the heat 5 min 90 Reverse 1 Simmer
Add the reserved choy sum leaves, 250 grams chicken and 150 grams of enoki mushrooms. 3 min 90 Reverse 1 Cook until leaves have wilted
  • Divide noodles into bowls and ladle soup over the top wait 1 minute and serve