June 2012

Hello Everyone,

This month seems to have flown by and we are already heading towards July. Those of us in Australia are facing one of our coldest and wettest winters that I can remember for some time.
I’m writing this as I travel up to the beautiful Gold Coast to find some warmth for this time of year.

As the end of the financial year looms ahead the old Tax documents required organising.  So boring. As the old saying goes:
There are two things in your life you can’t get away from
Death and Taxes. Now that part of my life’s completed I can do more interesting things.

I have been busy testing out various bits of Hardware and software for my new HTPCs as per last months plans and this will more than likely be what I’m up to for a bit longer.

Don’t worry for anyone who finds this boring there will be plenty of other stuff going on as well.


Kazza’s Corner