The Elizabethan Insult

Does it seem as though the art of language is declining. I’m all for gadgets and stuff, but oh how much fun it seemed language was once long ago.  Especially the Elizabethan Times where everything appears to have been more colourful. Not only in costume but their very descriptive language.  A sign of our times, will we eventually speak like we txt and speak shorthand language. Is this the generation where we become so boring with limited words for expressing ourselves.
A few such words come to mind.  I’m sure you know what they are.
So often used in movies – radio – conversation. I know I’m bored hearing them over and over.  Aren’t you?
To swear or not to swear now that is the question?
Why not for a bit of a lark and try this out.
The Elizabeth Insult
Romeo: Lady, by yonder blessed moon I vow
That tips with silver all these fruit tree tops

Juliet: Oh, swear not by the moon, th´inconstant moon.
That monthly changes in her circled orb
Lest that thy love prove likewise variable.

Romeo: What shall I swear by?

Juliet: Do not swear at all.
Or, if thou wilt, swear by thy gracious self.
Which is the god of my idolatry.
An I´ll believe thee.

Romeo: If my heart´s dear love —

Juliet: Well, do not swear. Although I joy in thee
I have no joy of this contract tonight.

Could you Image having to learn to read and write in this script.  This is one of the easier ones I found.  Beautiful.  Technology is one thing. It would be nice to not lose the Art of reading, writing and speaking the english language.

Quotes Of The Day


The road to success is always under construction.
– Anonymous

You are only young once,
but you can stay immature indefinitely.
– Anonymous

I am prepared to meet my Maker.
Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal
of meeting me is another matter.
– Winston Churchill

I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning
I will be sober and you will still be ugly.
– Winston Churchill
Go ahead make my day.
– Sudden Impact (1983)

How To Guides: Installing LinuxMint 13

  1. Get Yourself Familiar with Linux Mint 13:
  2. Equipment Checklist: System requirements:
    • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor.
      Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
    • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
    • 5 GB of disk space
    • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
    • CD/DVD drive or USB port
  3. Plug in any Internal/External Hardware: Graphics Cards,
    DVB-T Cards, Memory, USB External Connections etc.
  4. Download LinuxMint 13.
  5. Burn the Image to a DVD using a DVD image burning program.  Free image burning software.Nederlands: Beeld van Gparted voor een standaa...
  6. Ensure your PCs Bios is Set to Boot from Your DVD Drive.  This is Often the Default.
  7. Get familiar using the live DVD until you feel comfortable using it.
  8. Click Install Icon on Desktop.
  9. Follow the Prompts until everything’s installed.
  10. Reboot your system.
  11. Install any Additional Drivers if available.
    Menu/Control Panel/Hardware/Additional Drivers Choose Recommended & Activate.

Linux Mint 13 – Gets Back to Basics

Hi Everyone

Well finally Linux Mint 13 has done an about-face and decided to go back to the original Desktop foundation.
Hooray is all I can say. It’s not that I don’t like change. I love a streamlined desktop with all the buttons handy and not have to dig and search for them.
I want my desktop slick and fast.

Gnome 3 while quite beautiful seemed bogged down and  memory hungry by comparison to it’s predecessor.

Here’s a great article on the PCLinuxOS Magazine site.

For those of you interested have a look at what the Gurus at  PC World have to say.
More reading here from another perspective.
Gnome 3 This is the end it seems.

If you want to know more about Linux Mint 13 Maya I haven’t tried 13 to date. (will be very soon).

Okay now I’ll be honest, I love to build and tinker with various hardware & software. Currently I’m running Linux Mint 11 & 12 in all blends on various PCs & laptops. Along with my new project building my Dream HTPC unit.

I plan to upgrade to Mint 13 has long-term ongoing support.
I’m happy to hear that.  Well I’m off to experiment 🙂

Have fun.


Kazza’s Corner

My Perfect HTPC – Home Theatre Personal Computer

Hi Everyone,
welcome to my new project.  Building the perfect HTPC that suits my needs and that of the family.  I think the builds I have gone for are not necessarily the fastest nor the most beautiful. However the aim is to see how cheap I can build a reasonable unit as compared with current Media players for sale out there in the market. This is actually not so easy to do here in Australia. Why you may ask, red tape I suppose.  We can import some but not all parts, motherboards and cases from places like: Amazon. & NewEgg. They both have fabulous  cases but they do not ship all available direct to Australia. NewEgg don’t ship anything at least they didn’t last time I checked. To buy a decent build quality small box you will need to spend at least $80 plus.

My pictures of the units I have built so far are to follow at a later stage. For now I will say I was able to find some pretty nifty looking small boxes for a reasonable price scrounging through the net but the quality is just so so.  The One I love but it’s really not a micro PC is a Thermaltake. The most expensive of all of them so far. That’s for later too! Overall none of them cut the mustard for what I wanted to build in the end.

After 3 creations and many rehashes of hardware lying around. I was pretty happy and so began testing out various software and researching hardware for a colleague as his new toy wasn’t performing as per the specifications.  Reading up on the Thecus N4100EVO   it seemed pretty impressive.  Sadly the price he picked it up for was no longer valid and so I decided to wait for it to drop in price again. As they always do. While on the hunt for information for the Thecus I spotted this little gem: HP Proliant N40L MicroServer
Initially I was only wanting to upgrade my current Iomega Server. Having 4 2TB drives and many others attached to my
Astone Media Players  networked throughout the house. It was time to have a slicker setup.

With a bit more reading I found it for a great price $220 at times it is lower according to what I have researched. This included 2GB Ram and a fairly useless 250GB drive.  Plus more as per the first link: 250GB drive and memory will come in handy somewhere I’m sure. Even though this model has been around for a while, I still could not have achieved the build quality nor the motherboard, drive and memory all included for the $220 it initially cost me. If I had tried to build this it would have ended up costing more than $300. I can put 6 drives plus into it. I have increased the RAM to 8GBs apparently 16GBs can also be achieved.  I added a video card which I had lying around and will update with the models of these items a bit later.

Deutsch: XBMC Screenshot

Why this server, well the plan is to set it up as a fully fledged HTPC with XBMC or Freevo thinking it will be XBMC. So the original plan for it has changed after understanding the N40L is capable of. I have already been using XBMC  successfully with one of the HTPCs I previously built running Linux12. Linux 13 is now out & available. (UPDATE) LinuxMint 13 now installed.

What  you need  to do this: An understanding & some knowledge of Linux and or be keen enough to travel a rather steep learning curve. Why would anyone want to do this: For me it’s fun, and I hate with a passion proprietary software which is so restrictive it shackles my creativity. All of the software I use to do this is Free and that’s a bonus when being creative in case of stuff ups.

HP ProLiant N36L mainboard

Sadly I’m off to a bad start: A faulty Mini SAS cable and I am awaiting replacement of it.  I have found some wonderful forums and websites dedicated to doing similar things. Once I get my unit up and running I can share exactly what I’m up to with my build. Enjoy the links:

TekForums Setup guide: This is a must read.  He has done a fabulous job.
Reviews: News and what’s happening.
Reviews: Installation guides for windows.
Home Server Shows Forum for Proliant Microservers photos & users experiences for modding firmware and more.

Hope this is enough to wet the appetites of the interested.


Kazza’s Corner.

May 2012

Hi Everyone,

My blog has had a very neglected couple of months.  Not much of May left but I will at least get one or two pages in.
That’s the plan. So this week now that the teenager is well and off to school again……………….
Finally I can concentrate on posting up some things.
This month well what’s left of it, will be dedicated to:

Linux, XBMC and the HP Proliant Microserver, HTPC building………………
Yep it’s time for a bit of Nerdsville…………………..Was that a yawn I hear from the audience.
I know that somewhere out there someone will appreciate this.
Already had a huge hiccup with the Microserver had to pull a brand new unit apart as I had a faulty SAS cable (powers the hard drives)

Anyway for those of you who are interested stay tuned!!!

I will also endeavour to update a few other things of interest too 🙂


Kazza’s Corner


Hi Everyone,

well it seems April came and went in a blink of an eye…………………it’s now May and well that’s all I can say.

Not a good month and hardly anytime spent here well none at all really 😦 Tried to sell our house but no takers, so

it’s now officially off the market until who knows!! LOL

Sick kids, sick parents yada yada and well most of my hardware & systems were packed away.

I have finally setup a portable unit which if required can be packed away and hidden.

So onto getting some more fun stuff posted up.