February 2012

Hi Everyone,

Well it’s February I can’t believe it.
This month started with a hijacking of one of my private email accounts……………..so lame.
Why do they bother, must get a kick out of causing chaos to the average Jo.
Anyway alls well now as I have put in place more security (what a pain). Hopefully it’s enough to deter them. Who knows what inspires them.

So onto more interesting news.  Fairly sure I have a reasonable website going now (hope you like it)

I will be adding more this month as school is back and I have more quiet time to sit and think about what to put in here.

The blog is now online to the public so hopefully I gain some good feedback.
What’s Cooking is in the pipeline so stay tuned.

Anyway enjoy the rest of summer.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

~Napoleon Hill~



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